Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 3 - Wonder Woman

22 Participants! This week's drawings are dedicated to Jamie, our office manager and studio mom!
UPDATED 3/12/10!

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by Aaron Kablack

by Adam Toews

by Bryan Fordney

by Casey Willis

by Claire Almon

by Craig Hartin

by Dagny Phillips-Stumberger

by David Caicedo

by Gene Goldstein

by Jason Barnes

by Jason Shwartz

by Kat Shea

by Lamont Russ

by Melissa Wolfert

by Mike Bernhardt

by Pierre Cerrato

by Ploy Rojanavipat

by Sketch MacQuinor

by Tim Farrell

by TJ Buford

by Todd Redner

by Tom Weiser


  1. These look awesome! I love seeing all the different ones together. Gotta get busy on 2D.

  2. Great work you guys! Oh, and congrats on the success of Archer.

  3. "Wonder"ful Work!