Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Week 1 - Fred Flintstone

28 participants!

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Aaron Kablack
by Aaron Kablack

Adam Toews

by Adam Toews

Casey Willis
by Casey Willis

Dan Murdoch
by Dan Murdoch

David Caicedo
by David Caicedo

Gene Goldstein
by Gene Goldstein

Jason Barnes
by Jason Barnes

Jason Shwartz
by Jason Shwartz

Jon Bass
by Jon Bass

Joshua Mullinax
by Josh Mullinax

Kat Shea
by Kat Shea

Kelcey Steele
by Kelcey Steele

Lamont Russ
by Lamont Russ

Mark Paterson
by Mark Paterson

Melissa Wolfert
by Melissa Wolfert

Mike Bernhardt
by Mike Bernhardt

Myke Chapman
by Myke Chapman

Neal Holman
by Neal Holman

Nick Gibbons
by Nick Gibbons

Pierre Cerrato
by Pierre Cerrato

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by Rod Ben

Sam Ellis
by Sam Ellis

Sketch MacQuinor
by Sketch MacQuinor

Tariq Hassan
by Tariq Hassan

Tim Farrell
by Tim Farrell

TJ Buford
by TJ Buford

Todd Redner
by Todd Redner

Tom Weiser
by Tom Weiser


  1. As Charlie just said to me, each of these is great in it's own way. Keep the grotesquely reimagined classic characters coming, guys!

  2. Todd's FRED immediately reminds me of the old MTV show, "The Brothers Grunt."

  3. >>Jon
    "Brothers Grunt"=GREAT SHOW. Danny Antonucci really was capable of bringing us something a lot greater than the Eds.